Study Materials

Questions for the competition are now derived primarily from the publications listed below, although a few other sources have been used.  The publications listed include textbooks approved by the State Department of Education for science instruction for grades 8-12, as well as publications provided by Legacy to help to provide a broader coverage of environmental topics.

Teams are responsible for knowledge of the content of the listed textbooks and Legacy publications, including Legacy posters and any other publications that may be sent out as study materials by the Legacy office. It is estimated that approximately 70% of the competition questions will be derived from the textbooks and Legacy-provided publications.  Participants are advised that the wording of questions in the competition may differ from that provided in this guide.

Teams are requested to keep publications provided by Legacy for possible use in future EnviroBowl competitions or to return them to the Legacy office in Montgomery for use by other teams.

All EnviroBowl questions will come from the new categories below. Seventy percent of the questions come from the top four core sections shown in bold and 30 percent from the electives not in bold. There are only two subsections – General or Alabama Specific. The majority of the EnviroBowl questions come from the student’s actual text book, a few from select websites, Legacy materials and select additional texts which Legacy will provide.

Physical Science

Aqua science
Earth and Space
Environmental Science
Marine Biology

Sample Questions

Source Materials for the 2020 Competition

The source materials listed below have been used in the preparation of questions for the 2020 EnviroBowl tournament. The materials listed below represent current State-approved textbooks for grades 8-12 and materials provided by Legacy, including the Legacy poster series.
Legacy recognizes that all schools do not use the same textbooks as listed below for their courses, but the material covered in the tournament represents material that should be found in any of the texts approved for a certain curriculum.  If a school desires that a specific, approved text be considered for future competitions, that school should formally request its use and provide a copy of the desired text to the Legacy office.

Textbook List for EnviroBowl Questions

Holt Science Spectrum Physical Science with Earth and Space Science (2007)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 0030672139
ISBN-13: 9780030672132
Publisher: Holt Rinehart & Winston
944 pages

Holt Environmental Science (2005)
Author: Karen Arms
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 0030390737
ISBN-13: 9780030390739
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart, Winston
714 pages

Environment (2004)
Author: Peter H. Raven and Linda R. Berg
Description: Book
ISBN-10: 0471444529
ISBN-13: 9780471444527
Publisher: Wiley Illustrated
Edition: 4

Earth Science, Grades 9-12 (2008)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 0554005395
ISBN-13: 9780554005393
Publisher: Holt McDougal
1064 pages

Biology (2004)
Author: Kenneth R. Miller and Joseph S. Levine
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 0131662554
ISBN-13: 9780131662551
Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall

Prentice Hall Physical Science: Concepts in Action with Earth and Space Science (2003)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 0130366145
ISBN-13: 9780130366146
Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall

Modern Chemistry (2005)
Author: Raymond E Davis, Mickey Sarquis and Jerry L. Sarquis
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 0030735467
ISBN-13: 9780030735462
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart, Winston
949 pages

Websites List for EnviroBowl Questions

Material List for EnviroBowl Questions

Legacy Materials

Earth Saver Wheel
Energy Conservation Wheel
Responsible Gardening Wheel
Water Conservation Wheel
Helping Yourself to a Healthy Home
Smart Driving Guide

Legacy Posters

Alabama Watersheds
Alabama Water Resources
Birds of Alabama
Butterflies of Alabama
Common Trees of Alabama
Fishes of Alabama
Imperiled Species of Alabama
Plants of Alabama
Reptiles of Alabama
Soils of Alabama
Wildlife of Alabama
Invasive Plants of Alabama

Additional Materials

Alabama Forest Facts
Common Trees of Alabama