Sample Questions

1. Section: Chemistry     Subsection: General

Question: The result of a force distributed over an area is known as ______.
Answer: Pressure
Source: Modern Chemistry – Holt, pg. 75

Question: The SI unit for pressure is
Answer: Pascal
Source:  Modern Chemistry – Holt, p.16


2. Section: Zoology      Subsection: Alabama Specific

Question – In 1927, Governor Bibb Graves signed a bill naming which bird as
Alabama’s state bird?
Answer: yellowhammer, also known as the yellow-shafted flicker

Question: Explain why this particular bird was chosen.
Answer: During the Civil War, a cavalry unit from Huntsville wore uniforms, trimmed in yellow, with feathers in their hats and lapels. As they rode by, the soldiers noticed the trim of the cavalry’s uniform and likened it to the yellow of the feathers from the flicker. From that point on, all Alabama troops were known as “yellowhammers.”


3. Section:  Environmental Science      Subsection: General 

Question: Gases that absorb and radiate heat are known as what?
Answer: Greenhouse gases
Source: Holt Environmental Science P. 339
Question: What is the country that emits the largest amount of greenhouse gases?
Answer: China
Source: Holt Environmental Science P. 339


4. Section: Physical Science     Subsection: General

Question: What is the way of expressing a value as the product of a number between 1 and 10 and a power of 10?
Answer: Scientific notation
Source: Physical Science, Concepts in Action – Prentice Hall